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FREE Sports Nutrition Support Group for Parents, Coaches and Teachers of Student-Athletes

Hey there!

It's Jackie,

I wanted to talk to you about one of the most IMPORTANT things for success:

Having a TEAM to get you through challenges.

...Even the MOST SUCCESFUL athlete's have a team backing them up

A lot of student-athletes (and parents) I speak to often say...

...They feel lost and alone in the recruiting process...

That trying to get on a coaches radar feels like a game of hot and cold.

>>>And have have NO IDEA if they're moving in the right direction<<<

(or not)

One of the most critical things I've learned as a sports dietitian is...

You CAN'T do it all alone!

Even the MOST SUCCESSFUL pro athlete's have back up...

(their team, coaches, staff, trainers, dietitians...)

So why would you want to go it alone?

If you KNOW the recipe for success is to have a TEAM

So I want to invite you to join MY team.

I've created a community just for you guys...

..Where I can help YOU learn about the recruiting process

And how to FUEL your athlete for success

(We also have experts in test prep, coaches, recruiting educators, teachers..)

Basically, the best of the best at your disposal.

Here's the link again to join:

Can't wait to see you there!



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