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Studies Show Your Wrestler is Deficient in this (1) Performance Killing Vitamin

56% of all athlete's are deficient in vitamin D.

Crazy, right? .. And that's all athletes.

(Including ones that practice outdoors)

Now.. take wrestlers who practice and train indoors?

You know.. not getting exposed to the sun?

That number is much, much higher.

So what's the big deal?

If your wrestler isn't getting enough vitamin D, it's going to destroy their physical and mental game

How a vitamin D deficiency is destroying your wrestler's performance

There are a lot of symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.

Here are the symptoms that directly effect your wrestler's performance:

  • Irritability

  • Depression

  • Poor mood

  • Inflammation

  • Slow recovery time

  • Muscle weakness

Now picture being a wrestler whose trying to improve their performance and compete while dealing with all those things.

Maybe their goal is to compete in states.. or even nationals.

(It's probably going to end in a train wreck)

You're never going to perform well..

...because your body is going to constantly feel like it's dragging...

It reminds me of the one time I pulled an 'all nighter' when I was in college..

Y'know.. staying up until 5:00AM..

Trying to write a 10 page paper that was due the next morning..

Hoping I'd still get an A..

It wasn't going to happen, by the way.

(I learned my lesson quick)

Because I couldn't put in 100%

It didn't matter how much I planned beforehand...

..Or if I had healthy snacks and water to keep me fueled...

...It didn't even matter if I had a good work space or not...

I was never going to get good results no matter what...

The fact was, my body and mind were exhausted.

If your wrestler is deficient in the sunshine vitamin...'s the same feeling...

All. The. Time.

It doesn't matter how many hours they spend training

How long their warm-up or cool down is during practice

If they're eating and drinking the right fuel to recover

Your body and mind are going to be exhausted all the time.

So until you fix the UNDERLYING problem....

(Being deficient)

Your Wrestler is Going to be Continuously Dragging Throughout the Day

  • During practice.

  • On the mat.

  • In class.

  • At home.

Not fun, right?

The good news is there's a few different ways to get enough vitamin D so your body can be a powerhouse instead of a drag.

How to get enough vitamin D to crush performance

Eat the right foods.

(you saw that coming, right?)

...or get enough sun exposure regularly...

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

  • Dairy that's fortified

  • Beef

  • Eggs

  • Salmon

  • Mushrooms

If these foods aren't a regular part of your wrestlers diet, they can also get vitamin D from being in sunlight for 10-30 minutes a day.

Still not enough?

If you don't eat the right foods daily OR get in the sun, then a supplement might be beneficial.

Recommendations for the general, healthy public are 600 IU (15 mcg) of vitamin D per day.

Want a a guide to figure out if your wrestler is getting enough vitamin D?


Are most athlete's deficient in vitamin D?

Yeah, sure.

Are wrestlers at an even higher risk?


But.. what you should be focusing on instead is this:

Even if they're picky eaters. Even if they train indoors.

Your wrestler has several different ways they fuel their bodies with enough vitamin D so they can be performing their best, physically and mentally.

Whether it's from food, sunlight or supplements.

Has your wrestler ever had these symptoms before? Have you had their vitamin D levels checked before?


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