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How to Stay Healthy at the Office

How to Stay Healthy at the Office

Working in an office environment or sitting at a desk all day can make it hard to stay healthy and usually leaves people feeling drained and exhausted by the end of the day! Check out these quick tips for staying healthy and active on the job!

Go the long way:

Whether it's parking your car at the end of the lot or taking the long way around the office to get to your destination, it'll help you easily get those steps in. Take the long way around the building to your next meeting or appointment.

Lunchtime strolls:

After you eat your lunch, take a few minutes on your break to step outside and go for a stroll! Walking for 10-15 minutes outside will help you feel energized and rejuvenated while helping with digestion. Bonus: Sun exposure for a few minutes every day will help your body produce vitamin D!

Take the stairs:

Little things add up to big accomplishments in the end. It might not seem like a lot throughout the day, but you can get some serious steps in by taking the stairs instead of the elevator when you're at work!

Have delicious and nutritious snacks available:

It's important to listen to your body and hunger cues-- so what happens at 3:00PM when your stomach is growling and the only thing around is the vending machine? Packing delicious and easily accessible snacks is simple and can help you stay on track while still feeling satisfied! It can also be done quickly. If you've got a fridge, carrots and hummus or yogurt and fruit are an easy way to go. If not, grab some of your favorite bars or nuts and stash them in your desk or car for a quick fix.

Healthy competition:

Most people who have smart watches or fitness trackers (think FitBit) have at least heard of a step competition. Set up a contest at the office at the beginning of every Monday to see who can get the most steps in by the end of the workweek. Offering a small prize to the winner can also entice people to join and promote friendly competition!

Every step counts! What else do you do to stay healthy and active at work?

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