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Whether you are a beginner looking to start training, an experienced athlete, or a frequent gym-goer, Jackie can help you reach your goals by working alongside you with our Fuel the Burn Sports Nutrition program to create an individualized plan based on your goals and lifestyle.

Nutrition is a critical component in sports and fitness; knowing what to fuel with and when is key to reaching your training and sports performance goals.






Fuel the Burn!

Sports Nutrition Counseling

Maximize performance with nutrition

Learn how to fuel for a competitive edge

Increase muscle mass or improve endurance


Sport specific programs designed just for you 

Fuel the Burn Follow-up packages include:

  • Additional face-to-face or virtual appointments

  • E-mail and text support between sessions

  • Nutrition education

  • Weight monitoring

  • Customized fuel planning for your goal or sport (pre-workout, post-workout, on/off season)

  • Competition day nutrition plan

  • Weekly meal plan adjustments

  • Coordination with coach/doctor (optional)

  • Supplement evaluation (optional)

  • Monthly body fat testing

Contact us today at 516-308-2485 or fill out the contact form below to start your journey to a more confident you with our Fuel the Burn Sports Nutrition Program

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Each 60-90 Minute Comprehensive Initial Assessment will Include:

  • Goal planning to fit your needs and lifestyle

  • Evaluation of a 24-hour food diary

  • Nutrition education

  • Discussion of family/medical history

  • Calculated energy needs

    • Protein requirements

    • Carbohydrate requirements

    • Fat requirements

    • Hydration

  • Professional body fat analysis

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