Improve your athlete's performance and gain a competitive edge by fueling your body for success during every stage of training

Clients report reduced fatigue, improved energy levels, quicker recovery time and faster reaction speed by an average of 50% after working together.

Reach your muscle, fat loss and sports performance goals in just 45 minutes per week with an individualized program designed specifically for athletes and families with busy schedules.


Meet Jackie

Hey! I'm Jackie! 


I show wrestlers how to use The Roman Protocol to make weight WITHOUT starving, sweating, spitting, skipping meals or doing hours of cardio for days on end

(while still having energy in the tank for the 3rd period)


✔ Your wrestler is looking to gain a competitive edge on the mat and make weigh-ins an AFTER THOUGHT.

✔ You're sick of watching your athlete starve, dehydrate or use outdated, old school aggressive cutting techniques to make weight

✔ Your wrestler acts isolate, hangry or even depressed during the season because they have to 'make weight'.

✔ Your wrestler used to LOVE stepping onto the mat.. but ever since having to "make weight" they seem tired and burnt out.

✔ You want your wrestler to have a scientifically proven process to make weigh-ins EVEN IF they have a growth spurt during the season or need to bump up/down to fill a spot.

✔ You're looking for a permanent solution to your wrestlers energy, performance and strength goals that they can use for the rest of their wrestling career.


Wrestlers shouldn't be cutting weight just for the sake of a 'competitive edge'.  Improving technique will go much further than trying to make up for a lack of skill by bumping down.

 HOWEVER.. we know it's not that simple.  When wrestlers get to the high school level, a lot of factors can affect what weight class they compete in:

"The only varsity spot on the team is lower than my natural weight.. if I want to compete, I may have to bump down."

"I had a growth spurt right after weight certifications.. if there's no way for me to bump up, I'm going to have to cut weight to compete."

"There's another kid on my team who weighs the same as me.. if I want both of us to be able to compete then I have to cut weight."

Most wrestlers at some point will be exposed to 'cutting weight' whether parents or coaches like it or not.  Without a better way, wrestlers fall back into the outdated, old school cutting methods that hurt physical and mental performance on top of health.

Our mission is to show wrestlers how to fuel to gain a competitive edge AND to show them how to make weight, if needed, without aggressive cutting techniques.

Our goal is simple.

We show wrestlers how to make weigh-ins an after thought so they can focus on what matters: Improving performance and gaining a competitive edge on and off the mat.

How It Works

Appointments are available both in person and virtually for your convenience


Get In Touch

Get started with a free 30-45  minute clarity call where we’ll discuss your goals, health and previous challenges. Together, we'll determine if we're a good fit and which program would be best to help you reach your goals.


Initial Session

During our first session, we'll spend 60 minutes talking about your nutrition goals, medical/health history and your specific needs and lifestyle.  We will then begin mapping out an individualized, realistic nutrition plan and setting short and long-term goals.


Follow-up Support

Lasting changes take time.  We will meet on a regular basis either in-person or virtually to work on your unique plan and goals.  We'll evaluate what's working and what's not in order to get you where you want to be.  You will have on-going professional support and motivation throughout your journey.

What People Are Saying

Jarrett & Brenda Moore

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And how to improve strength, performance and effortlessly make your weight class WITHOUT having to skip meals ever again